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spring 2024 Recruitment

(with times) LKS recruitment flyer (1).png
(with times) LKS recruitment flyer.png

The sisters of Lambda Kappa Sigma would like to invite you to our Spring 2024 Recruitment, “Winter Wonderland.” We look forward to meeting you and starting the semester off together, and we hope you are excited for what we have planned!

Cocoa Mingle 

Wednesday, 1/17 | 6:30 pm 

Wrap Me Merry

Thursday, 1/18 | 6:30 pm

Frosty Frenzy

Monday, 1/22 | 7:30 pm

Winter Showcase

Tuesday, 1/23 | 6:30 pm

Mystery Fest

Thursday, 1/25 | TBA

Contact our recruitment chairs, Miranda Li or Doyoun Kim, if you have any questions!

fall 2021 Recruitment

Copy of Recruitment Fall 2021.png
Copy of Recruitment Fall 2021 (1).png

The sisters of Lambda Kappa Sigma would like to invite you to our Fall 2021 Recruitment: "Adventure Awaits." Get ready to set sail and be on the look out for more information to see how you can find paradise with LKS! Enjoy the journey as you adventure out to meet our sisterhood, who are also waiting to meet you too! If one thing is for sure, adventure awaits! 🌊

🗺 Let's Explore 🗺
Wednesday, 9/1 | 8:00pm @ Busch - Engineering Quad Area
Get to know the LKS
sisters while making a beaded phone keychain to keep as a cute souvenir!

📨 Away We Go 📨
Friday, 9/3 | 7:00pm @ College Avenue - Voorhees Mall
Help make (post)cards to mail to Cards for Kindness while learning about our national LKS philanthropy, Project HOPE.

🏝 Para"dice" 🏝
Tuesday, 9/7 | 8:00pm @ Busch - Busch Student Center: The Cove
Just another day in paradise! Take a break, relax, and unwind by playing board games with the LKS sisters.

⛵️ Bon Voyage ⛵️
Friday, 9/10 | Details To Be Announced
Potential new members must have attended at least *two* recruitment events in order to receive an invite to dinner. Bon voyage!

Contact our recruitment chair, Gianna Castro ( if you have any questions or concerns!

spring 2021 Recruitment

Image from iOS.png

Treat yourself to the sweetest sisterhood by attending Lambda Kappa Sigma’s Spring 2021 virtual recruitment events! Lambda Kappa Sigma is the only women’s professional pharmacy fraternity at Rutgers and we provide lifelong opportunities for women in pharmacy through professional excellence and personal growth. Our sisterhood encourages the advancement of the pharmacy profession, supports sisters in making their dreams come true, and seeks to make the world a better place through our service events and philanthropic efforts.


We cordially invite you to get to know our sisters at the following recruitment events and hope that you find a sisterhood to get you through this virtual semester and beyond. After all, sisters are like stars...though you can’t always see them, you always know they’re there. 💙💛

Image from iOS (1).png

🌙 Over the Moon 🌙
Wednesday, 1/20 @ 8:30 pm​
LKS would be ‘over the moon’ to have you meet the sweetest sisterhood at this virtual speed dating and ice breaker event!

🌠 Shooting Stars 🌠
Friday, 1/22 @ 8:30 pm
Come decorate digital cards for children and see how LKS sisters ‘shoot for the stars’ through our national philanthropy, Project HOPE!

☁️ Cloud Nine ☁️
Tuesday, 1/26 @ 8:30 pm
Experience ‘cloud nine’ with the sisters while treating yourself to an exciting game night at the last open recruitment event of the semester!

⭐️ Chase Your Dreams ⭐️
Friday, 1/29

Potential new members must have attended at least *two* recruitment events in order to receive an invite to dinner, ‘chase your dreams.’

P.S. For each recruitment event you attend, you will be entered into a drawing to win a ☁️ dreamy gift basket ☁️!
The winner will be announced at our third event! 🎁



​I chose to join LKS because I was looking to be a part of a community. Over time it became harder to coordinate schedules with my friends and so I realized I needed to get out and meet more people within pharmacy. LKS enables me to be a part of a tight-knit sisterhood with amazing women who I know will always have my back. Now, I'm proud to not only be able to say that I'm part of a community, but also that I have found a second home with LKS. 



​Joining LKS made my freshman year at Rutgers more meaningful and enjoyable. It eased my transition into college and allowed me to meet a group of people who are wonderful, kind and supportive. Even seemingly minor things such as sisters wishing me luck on exams or going on food dates showed me that joining LKS was one of the best decisions I made during freshman year. It has both encouraged my academic success and ensured that my first year was memorable. 


At the beginning of the semester I wanted to find an organization that would introduce me to great people that could help me grow as a person and help me grow professionally. Within the first few minutes of meeting the sisters, I knew LKS was the organization that gave me the environment I was searching for. Even though I have only been with LKS for a short amount of time, my experience has been amazing already and I am excited to see what the future holds!

  • Enrolled in Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy

  • Be at least a 1st year student in her 2nd semester

  • Complete at least 12 credits

  • Minimum 2.8 cumulative GPA

  • Attend 2 out of 3 open recruitment events

Requirements for Joining

  • Pay $125 initiation fee plus $120 semesterly dues

  • Abide by the LKS Code of Conduct

  • Attend 80% of chapter meetings

  • Attend all LKS-hosted events

  • Fulfill the minimum hours of service

Membership Expectations

Hazing Policy

Pi Chapter follows the national policy of Lambda Kappa Sigma that states: 

"Hazing is a practice that has no place in a professional fraternity. No chapter, collegiate, or alumnae shall conduct nor condone hazing activities under any circumstances. LKS does not condone hazing and this statement has been issued to protect the rights of prospective and current members as well as the Fraternity."

Pi chapter strictly abides by this policy and will not participate in any form of hazing. 

Alcohol Policy

LKS supports a zero-tolerance policy concerning underage drinking or excessive drinking.

No alcohol will be served, sold, or purchased during any of our events.

Click here to view Lambda Kappa Sigma's national hazing and alcohol policies.

Recruitment Chair: Chellam Sundaram (

past recruitment

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Image from iOS (1).png

All Recruitment Flyers Design Credit: Joyce Chen
(ig: @joycetotheworld)

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